“I am pleased to have the opportunity to tell you about the excellent service which Rich & Associates has provided to the Alfred G. Thomsen Company as Project Coordinator for the Woodman of the World…

The garage has exceeded the requirements that were established during our initial planning meetings and we’re very pleased with the day-to-day operation of the Tower Park Garage.

Based upon the design capabilities and expertise demonstrated by Rich & Associates at Tower Park, they were retained to provide all of the architectural and engineering services for the new 596-stall Woodman Park Garage, which Woodmen is presently constructing…We’ re not only impressed with the technical knowledge and expertise which Rich & Associates possess: but in addition, their ownership and operation of parking garages for their own account permits them to incorporate actual day-to-day operation and ownership experiences into their designs, plans and specifications.

These day-to-day operation and ownership experiences are very, very, valuable; and to our knowledge are only available through Rich & Associates. Based upon the excellent service, advice and counsel which we have received from Rich & Associates, it is without hesitancy that we can recommend them to any owner planning to construct a first-class parking structure on budget and on time.”