Tips for keeping your car cool in the heat!

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The heat we enjoy so much in the summer can make getting into your car one of the most displeasing parts of our day. For drivers and passengers who don’t enjoy the intense heat of a car thats been parked in the sun, read below for some tricks and tips to keep cool and get the most out of your summer driving experience! From maximizing your air conditioning to taking advantage of that shady spot in the parking lot, theres a lot you can do to maintain a cooler vehicle on those hot and sunny summer days.

  • Park in a shady area or in a spot where the sun is behind you – this will reduce the intensity of the heat that hits the steering wheel, dashboard, and the seats.
  • Use a sunshade or window visor – ones with reflective coatings are best as the block out the heat and UV rays.
  • Leave the windows cracked – leaving the windows open by about an inch will facilitate ventilation throughout your car keeping it significantly cooler.
  • Leave the door open – leave the door open for about 15 seconds before you get in to allow the trapped hot air escape and cool air to enter.
  • Recirculate the air – start driving with the windows a few inches down and keep the AC in recirculation mode
  • Cover your steering wheel – covering your steering wheel with a towel will help to keep the contact temperature of your steering wheel down.

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