An update on our planning team!

Our planning team has had a busy year so far! Earlier this year, they completed a parking utilization study on eight blocks of Downtown Monroe, MI to aid in the decision-making process of future property acquisitions.

The City of Clawson, MI is experiencing new development growth.  Data collection and interactive planning sessions are currently underway to aid in the analysis of the current parking needs and to aid in determining how any new development will affect future parking needs for the downtown area. Completion of the study will provide the City with the outcome of the current parking condition and provide any suggested changes to policy, management and amenities that could enhance the future parking system.

Our team of parking planners will be arriving in Surf City, NC soon where they will: review current parking amenities for any changes that would allow the addition of parking spaces; perform an occupancy study to determine if additional parking is needed and where it could be employed; and, review the parking management structure for any updates that might enhance the current parking system. 

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