Adaptable Parking!

We are all aware of the pandemic’s impact on businesses. To remain viable many businesses were forced to rethink their business models and the spaces they operate in to accommodate new safety regulations. One way that restaurants adapted to new regulations was by use of parking spaces. By taking it outdoors, restaurants were able to expand their seating areas in on-street and surface parking spaces allowing them to remain open while still adhering to seating and capacity guidelines. If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, it is that our company, and the work we do, needs to be adaptable.

Rich & Associates has over 58 years’ experience creating adaptable parking and cost-effective customized solutions to every type of parking need. Whether its multi-use, multi-modal facilities, small and large capacity garages, environmentally friendly structures, or parking facilities engineered to convert to other uses in the future, we have done it all. With a future of hybrid work arrangements and autonomous vehicles potentially leading to a reduced demand for parking, many owners are searching for cost-effective adaptive solutions to meet today’s needs. Our team of experts at Rich & Associates have the knowledge, experience and skills to create the right solutions to fit your needs.

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