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Adrian Parking Study!

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Rich & Associates recently conducted a study to assess the current and future parking conditions of downtown Adrian, Michigan. The purpose of the study was to;

  • Observe, collect and analyze data to understand the state of the current parking system,
  • identify factors influencing current conditions,
  • understand perception versus actual conditions,
  • project future conditions based on economic development, changes in uses and changes in mobility, and
  • develop a set of recommendations to address near-term, mid-term and long-term conditions.

Members from our parking planning team conducted parking utilization studies and surveys of customers and visitors downtown. The utilization study showed that 45% of people coming downtown park on the street, while 53% park in a public lot. The customer survey indicated that 55% of people do not think there is enough public parking in downtown Adrian and that people only want to walk about a block from where they park to get to their destination. Using this information, in combination with an assessment of other parking issues, our team developed a set of recommendations for improving parking and the user experience, thus perception. These recommendations include improved wayfinding and signage, adjustments to time limits, modifications to stall dimensions and potential residential parking program.

The study overall revealed that there is an existing surplus of parking at peak time and that this surplus is expected to continue into the near future given the anticipated absorption of vacant space. Once the re-occupancy is complete, the net surplus at that time could be minimal. Our team recommended that the City routinely monitor downtown parking conditions as new businesses move downtown or existing businesses expand. In addition, we recommended that the City engage in discussions with businesses that have their own parking about shared-use strategies to increase the supply of available parking to the general public.

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