March Industry News!

There has been a lot happening recently in the parking industry so far this year! Check out the latest trending headlines about a delivery robot and the latest advances in autonomous vehicles!

5 Autonomous Cars Trends Everyone Should Know About In 2019

• Amazon has moved on as quickly as its same-day deliveries by announcing, almost concurrent with its breakup call to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, more than $1 billion of new funding for electric vehicles and self-driving cars. Read More Here

• Autonomous vehicles could transform parking as well as driving, new research suggests. Parking lots could house more driverless cars than human-driven ones, but autonomous vehicles could also lead to nightmarish gridlock if they slowly cruise the streets waiting for their owners, instead of paying to park. Read More Here

• Startups do it. Amazon does it. And now even Fedex is doing it — experimenting with robots for short-range deliveries. Today, the company officially announced its new FedEx SameDay Bot, which it says could help make “last mile” deliveries more efficient. Read More Here

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