Adaptable Parking!

We are all aware of the pandemic’s impact on businesses. To remain viable many businesses were forced to rethink their business models and the spaces they operate in to accommodate new safety regulations. One way that restaurants adapted to new regulations was by use of parking spaces. By taking it […]

The Covid Effect

The pandemic has brought about many changes that will be permanent, particularly when it comes to urban planning and parking planning. This is particularly true of the changes brought by lockdowns that many communities experienced last spring—and in some cases continue to experience—which have accelerated an already active trend of […]

Green Parking Design

The parking industry began discussing sustainable parking nearly two decades ago. At first the entire concept seemed counterintuitive. How could builders design structures to maximize performance while minimizing waste and actually improve the environment?  The idea now no longer seems so foreign and through creative design we can create garages that minimize […]

March Industry News!

There has been a lot happening recently in the parking industry so far this year! Check out the latest trending headlines about a delivery robot and the latest advances in autonomous vehicles! • 5 Autonomous Cars Trends Everyone Should Know About In 2019 • Amazon has moved on as quickly […]

2019 Industry News!

The Parking Industry is off to a big start this year! From the new purchase of the largest autonomous vehicle site in the country, to the end of self-parking fees, we’ve rounded up the latest headlines in the industry for you! The largest autonomous vehicle test site in the United […]