Parking Economics & Design!

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Recently our founder and president Richard C. Rich received a package in the mail that was unlike one he’d received before. It was a package containing a book that was published in 1968 titled ‘Parking Economics and Design’. At one point the book was in a public library. The person who sent it to Mr. Rich purchased it online.

In 1968 Mr. Rich gave a lecture at a seminar in Honolulu, Hawaii held by an organization known at that time as the Cement and Concrete Products Industry of Hawaii. The lecture was on parking economics and design. Following the successful lecture, Norene Martin, a representative of the National Parking Association at that time, approached Mr. Rich about publishing the lecture in book form. Mr. Rich agreed and revised the lecture for publication in October 1968.

The book is divided into two main sections. Section one is devoted to understanding demand the economics of parking. The second section focuses on design and basic design principles.

The one interesting take away from this book, published more than 50 years ago, is how many of the design principles followed today were originated by our founder, Richard Rich. Over the next couple of months, we will share some interesting excerpts from the book.