2019 Industry News!

The Parking Industry is off to a big start this year!
From the new purchase of the largest autonomous vehicle site in the country, to the end of self-parking fees, we’ve rounded up the latest headlines in the industry for you!
  • The largest autonomous vehicle test site in the United States has been acquired by AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah, one of the most familiar car-club brands in the country. Read More!


  • Detroit Medical Center has eliminated self-parking fees and increased valet fees at its Midtown Detroit campus.As of Jan. 1, parking decks are free for patients and family members, DMC announced in a news release. Read More!


  • New sensor technologies will lead the way in 2019, as automated cars begin to take aim at full autonomy.Advanced forms of radar, LiDAR, and inertial measurement will begin to move into small fleets of test vehicles, setting the stage for cars that can see better and make quicker decisions. Read More!


  • How online shopping is making congestion and pollution worse. Read More!

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