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Here’s what’s currently happening in the parking industry!

  • Passport, the global leader in mobility solutions has announced a $5M investment to expand their PlatformThis platform will help connect multiple modes of transportation and payments, and provide a way for cities to understand, manage, and collaborate with an increasingly complex ecosystem of mobility services. New modes of shared transportation, from ridesharing to dockless scooters, hold a promise for improving how citizens move around their cities, but cities across North America need new tools and systems to effectively manage these emergent modes of transportation. Passport has set out to partner with municipalities to create a bridge between city infrastructure, like curb space, and private sector mobility companies that interact with people using that space.


  • Airports introduce loyalty programs and discounts to compete against Uber and Lyft – Airports throughout the U.S. are taking a cue from airlines, launching or developing loyalty programs of their own. They include free parking after they use an airport lot for a certain number of days. Some airports are also trying to make airport parking more convenient by allowing drivers to reserve a spot close to terminals. These are some of the measures airport executives are considering to encourage travelers to park in their lots and garages, as ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have surged in popularity. Parking is an important source of revenue for airports, sometimes second only to the fees airports collect from airlines like terminal rent and landing fees. Airports are now scrambling to protect this key income stream as more travelers opt to leave their cars at home and take an Uber, Lyft or shuttle to the airport.


  • The first self-driving shuttles to hit the streets in Columbus, OH.May mobility, a Michigan-based start-up will operate the shuttles. “This pilot will shape future uses of this emerging technology in Columbus and the nation.” Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther says. The shuttles will start running the route this week (September 20, 2018), without passengers. The three shuttles will start accepting passengers in December. May Mobility plans to operate the vehicles from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week, said company CEO Edwin Olson.


  • Domino’s testing self-driving pizza delivery – Ford and Domino’s are testing out a specially-equipped Ford Fusion that comes not only with self-driving technology but also an oven. To get their pizzas, customers will have to enter a number on the touchpad, then a back window will lower, revealing the pizza. Over the next five weeks, randomly selected customers around Ann Arbor, Michigan, will be offered the option of getting their pizza delivered by the hi-tech “driverless” car.

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