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R&A Summer Road Trip Tips!

It’s the start of summer, schools are letting out and families are making plans for summer vacations. Along with these summer travel plans comes the anticipated traffic we are all aware of when our summer travels include driving. With road trips becoming more popular each year, we are desperate to relieve the anticipated stress of traffic in any way we can. One of the best ways to reduce the stress that can come along with a long road trip, is to prepare beforehand and know what we are in for when in terms of the expected traffic on the road. Here are some interesting statistics about what we can expect to see during our summer road trips courtesy of

  • 40 percent of drivers definitely planned to take a road trip by Labor Day and another 34 percent were considering it.
  • More than 92 percent would be willing to drive up to 500 miles for a vacation.

According to, the old school family road trip (79%) and visits to national parks (51%) and theme parks (40%) remain the most popular types of vacations for families planning to travel this year. Trips to international destinations (33%), going on guided or escorted tours (22%) and ocean cruises (20%) are also popular with family travelers.

When we think of summer road trips and summer travels, where we are going to park when we arrive at our destination or at a stop along the way, isn’t always on the top of our minds. Mobile parking has become a big trend and we are already seeing tremendous growth this year through the use of parking apps on mobile devices. Parking apps are great tools because they are able to display real-time parking data at your destination. For example, many mobile parking apps will be able to accurately display the cost of parking, permit regulations, navigation to your desired parking spot and allow you to pay electronically through the app. We know there are hundreds of apps available, so the crew at tested them to find out which ones work best. Click here!

If you are one of those people that prefer to avoid all of the traffic and fly to your destination instead, we know that the thought of leaving your car behind can be a big concern. Things such as, changing temperatures, different elements from the weather, and a possible theft can be daunting when preparing to leave your car at the airport for a long period of time. Some steps that you can take to make sure your car is secure while at the airport this summer are:

  • Get your car properly inspected before your vacation,┬ámake sure the battery is charged and that there are no structural or mechanical issues, and top off all of your cars fluids.
  • Remove valuables and trash from your vehicle, including all old and new receipts that may contain personal information.
  • Choose a lot that is not only convenient but secure. Look for things like 24-hour surveillance, and a well-lit lot.


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