Yes! It’s true. There is a very good chance after all these years of bunny ears and loopdy loops, you’re doing it wrong. It turns out there are two forms of the knot that we can use to tie our shoes… The two forms of the knot are a false, or granny knot, while the strong one is a square or reef knot. The trick to tying the strong knot is going the opposite way around the bunny ear!

Check out the TED talk below to learn how to properly tie your shoes by expert speaker Terry Moore.

So besides having to spend less time tying your shoes… Why would I put this in Feed The Meter this month?? It’s to remind us all “That’s the way things have always been done” is never a good answer to life. We work and live in an ever-changing world where innovation is rewarded. Be inspired to try to do things a new way or push the envelope even if it’s not the way it’s always been done. Innovation is rewarded, my friends! So let’s all make an effort to think outside the box and maybe one of use will have a TED Talk one day!


To learn here how to tie a shoe properly…

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