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We’re not mind-readers, but you may have some questions and these are our answers…

Who is Rich & Associates? We are a Parking Consultant Firm based out of Southfield Michigan. With over 54 years experience in the parking industry, we are one of the most experienced consulting firms in the world.

Why are you doing this? Our staff has a wealth of knowledge in the industry, and lucky for you…They are going to share some of their experiences on this blog. (‘Cause wouldn’t that be a shame if they didn’t?)

What will you be blogging about? We will be looking for Tell readers about the content on your blog so that they know what to expect when then arrive. Talk about the subject(s) that will be covered, along with reasons why they should read your blog. How is your blog different from all the rest? What benefits can they expect from reading it?

Can the readers leave feedback? Tell the reader how to be involved in the conversation. Can they leave comments? Do you encourage comments? What if they want to email you? Don’t be afraid to encourage feedback, and even contrary opinions. Make sure that feedback is appreciated, and encouraged. If possible, give readers ways to contact you online and offline, for example you may link to your contact form and provide other contact information.

Close with a call to action. Invite readers to read, get involved in the discussion, subscribe, and come back for more.



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